TShirt Designer

How to Become a T-Shirt Designer

First, you need to find the opportunity to work as a T-shirt designer. There are many methods to accomplish this. One way is to join an online community like TeeSpring which lets you show your designs to others and buy them. Once you've identified a few employers and you're ready to find an appropriate client. There are also many ways to market your designs. Here are some suggestions:

Canva's template library

Canva is an online design platform that millions of people use to create logos and social media posts, banners and posters. To create your own t-shirt designs, you can make use of the T-shirt Designer. If you need a professional-quality design to print, Canva has a large library of t-shirt templates that are free to download. Users can use the software to design a custom-designed design and share it with others via social media, or send it to the printer.

If you make use of Canva's template library for t-shirt designs you can create custom t-shirts for your company's name. Stay current with the latest trends and designs. If you're not sure what design would be most effective, look for similar designs to create a unique design. You can also use free icons and pictures in Canva's library.

Once you have selected an image, it's possible to alter it by adding images, text or text. The design can also be designed as an illustration. To ensure that it's the correct size and layout for your t-shirt make a mockup for your t-shirt. You might be able to utilize the tools offered by your printing company. You can also personalize a tshirt by using Canva's tshirt designer tool to create mockups.

To create your designs you can also utilize printing on demand (POD) program for designing t-shirts. These services handle the printing and shipping. You only pay for production when someone orders a T-shirt from you. With these tools, you can get a high-quality product while keeping your overhead to a minimum. If you're planning to earn money on the internet It's worthwhile to research the best practices of other T-shirt designers.


99degree is among the most popular T-shirt designers. This Croatia-based freelance graphic designer has won 18 contests and has an interest in all design categories. His t-shirts are usually big and bold, with plenty of elements. The designs are also customizable. His portfolio also contains some other notable winners like Calypso Design J.d.o.o., who has won 18 Designhill contests.

Although you are able to design your own tee-shirt, it is more convenient to seek out the help of professional. There are some key distinctions between a professional designer and a maker of t-shirts. A professional designer knows the best way to utilize certain elements on T-shirts. This is why 99degree tshirt design is so useful. Many designers have won contests, and have a massive following. Aslamsk1233216 can be a good example. He has won 13 contests and has over 3000 followers.

There are many highly promising designers on 99degree.com. Joel Dolindo is an example. He has won four contests. This talented t-shirt designer has a knack for reading the brief and putting it on an eye-catching design. Doc Grafik, another promising designer of t-shirts, is another promising name. His work is a clear understanding of the brief and is dedicated to bringing the vision of his clients to life.

Elisabetta Amerio

Designed for all the fashionistas out there, Elisabetta's T-shirts are simple, but convey a powerful message. A nonprofit organization focuses on helping others and the right design could emphasize that message. For this reason, Elisabetta created a series of designs for T-shirt manufacturers. Some designs are heavy, while others are light and cheerful.

If you'd like to sell designs for t-shirts online it is important to determine the demand for a certain market. You can find a trend on Google Trends to determine if the design is in high demand. If you're proficient enough in Photoshop you can create the design yourself. However, the majority of people will require the services of a graphic designer.